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When planning new paintings, I begin the process by putting together my shot list for race day. There are several teams I'm continually looking to create a painting of and obtain a license for.  Capturing the imagery that would make great paintings is sometimes difficult to obtain; it is always a challenge finding that winning shot.
I work from a multitude of photographic references striving to create a level of accuracy and excitement that brings a viewer right into the pits. You view the scene as it unfolds in front of you.
After drawing out the composition to the final painted size, the line art is transfered to a cold press illustration board where the foundation of the painting is laid. The sky and background are blocked in and built up, creating the atmosphere; mood and lighting that will affect the final artwork.
In this detailed shot of the painting, you can see many of the elements that capture the excitement of the moment. The crowd standing and cheering in the background electrifies the scene as cars fly up the frontstretch, as others are caught racing off pit road behind the main focal point of the painting.
The team is painted servicing the car, caught in a frozen moment of time, capturing the action and finesse of the over-the-wall crew during competition events. The various textures and materials are a challenge to capture. Particular attention is paid to accurately depicting the way the fabrics fall, the weave and realism of the firesuits and the textures of the asphalt and concrete along pit road. Shiny metal, painted and reflective surfaces of the cars and equipment fill the scene. The construction of the composition captures the fast-paces action of the sport, happening right in front of us, represented in this collectible, signed and numbered, limited edition Giclee print.
As I work my way across the painting and finish the Lowe's® Chevrolet car and team, I continue developing the view down pit road. In this race, fellow teammates are in the pit stall right behind the Lowe's team.  I continue blocking in the dominant red of the car behind them while developing the texture of the road in the foreground. Previous pit stops leave evidence of the urgency along pit road. Skid marks, burnouts and lug nuts litter the road at every stall all the way down pit road.
Looking down pit road along the right side of the painting shows a glimpse of the support that comes from the rest of the team from over the pit wall. With this completed painting, you now have a full panoramic view encompassing a very active race scene while dusk slowly settles on the race.
This painting is now fully licensed by the team and the sanctioning body, available as a limited edition giclee print, signed and numbered by the artist.
This perfect collectible will continue to grow in value.  Watch the collection grow as others are completed and licensed. Order yours today!
@2009 HGL, LLC. The name, likeness and signature of Jimmie Johnson and the likeness of the #48 Lowe's Chevrolet are used under license granted by HGL, LLC.
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